Kevin Kriskovich
Librarian / Media Specialist/4th & 5th GD Title I
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Allow me to introduce myself:
He was born in Billings in 1963 and grew up in Opportunity, MT until 4th grade, then moved to Billings until graduating from Billings West in 1981. After a year at UM Missoula he completed his BA in elementary ed at Eastern Montana College in Billings. A whirlwind week began his life teaching in and moving to Frazer, MT and being married to his wife Shelly in August of 1986. He taught a variety of grades/classes from 4-6th grades for 9 years there. He purchased his grandparents’ home and lived in Opportunity for four years where he was a park and rec worker and library aide/substitute. He took a job in Heart Butte as 5th grade teacher from 1999-2008 during which time he obtained his Master’s degree from Grand Canyon University. He became the school’s library/media specialist while attending school online from UM Missoula and Western for the next four years. He was moved again to the 6th grade for the last 3 years there. He is now the library/media specialist at Joliet Schools.

He has coached JH/HS basketball for a year or two in Frazer as well as coaching JH/HS Volleyball which became a passion. He coached and officiated volleyball for ADLC during his time in Opportunity/Anaconda. He coached volleyball for 8 years, softball for 3 years and golf for 8 years at Heart Butte as well, the latter going to state with golfers from 2012-2015.

He and his wife maintain a Biblical lifestyle basing their lives on the written Word. They attend sabbath services and the feasts of the Bible. They have four children, Keefe and his wife Eranne and granddaughters Arabella and Evangeline in Tennessee, daughter Megan living and working in Opportunity, and son Kyle living and working in Billings and Matthew who also works in Billings. He enjoys maintaining his lifestyle with his wife as mentioned before as well as hunting, occasional fishing, backyard mechanic, putting in and repairing sprinkler systems, and other crafts.