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J-Hawk FFA

The heart and soul of our school, the Joliet FFA program is rivals no other. The chapter has 72 active AET student accounts and lead by Mr. Massar.

The FFA students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Look for these students impressing at the Carbon County Fair, school competitions and with community involvement.


Joliet FFA
Joliet FFA
Joliet FFA

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An Adobe Acrobat file Concussion Statement - Parent Student Sign OffDownload Preceding File Preview the file 317.26 KB 2019-08-14
An Adobe Acrobat file EL_MS_HS Handbook Signature SheetDownload Preceding File Preview the file 3.86 MB 2022-08-02
An Adobe Acrobat file MHSA Sports PhysicalDownload Preceding File Preview the file 160.3 KB 2019-06-20
An Adobe Acrobat file Student Information Sheet UPDATED2 (1)Download Preceding File Preview the file 57.54 KB 2021-08-09